Nydia + Phillip

April 30, 2022

It was an honor to be a part of Nydia and Philip’s wedding day. It is always so sweet when your clients are your friends. I have known Nydia and Phillip through church, and saw as their love story progress.

I remember talking to Nydia about Phillip at church one day. She shared the sweetest conversation in which she talked about a proposal with Phillip. You could hear the love and excitement in her voice. A few weeks later a proposal occured.

On the day of their wedding, you couldn’t have asked for a better sunny (but cool) day in Tucson, Arizona. When I walked into see Nydia she looked so incredibly happy and nervous ( the good nervous). Her cousin was doing her hair and makeup. I always think it is so special when couples have people that are close to them doing important parts of their day.

As we began to go over the timeline, she had the day perfectly planned out ( and I will say the day came out perfectly) and was ready to go! I started by taking detail pictures of all the beautiful things her and Phillip wanted to share. She was so excited about the converse that said “just married”. I thought that was such a cute and special touch for them to match when they danced on the dance floor.

At 3:00 we did the first look. We placed Phillip on the bridge behind the reception area at The Reflections. Holly, Nydias friend, led her from inside. As soon as Nydia saw the back of Phillip you could feel the rush of emotions brush over her. It was so exciting and touching to see as Nydia walked on the bridge towards Phillip. As Phillip turned around you could see the excitement on his face to see his beautiful partner light up. Phillip wore the coolest suit ever, he looked like he just came out of a James Bond movie. There they shared their excitement with one another, and immediately kissed.

Nydia then headed back to the bridal room and waited to do a first look with both her brother and Father. They all cried with joy as they saw their loved on in her white dress. Their wedding party was filled with supportive friends, and the continuously cheered on the new Mr and Mrs. We did our bridal photos and some family photos before the ceremony began.

Nydia and Phillips ceremony started out so fun and uplifting, with the Flower Men starting with a dance down the aisle. It was entertaining and funny and added to the joy on that day. During the ceremony they had friends play the guitar and sing while they tied 3 cords together to represent their marriage centered in Christ. Nydia’s brother was the officiant and you could feel the love coming from him into their marriage. He shared all the similarities that they had in common ( worked in the same company, workout 8 days a week, did the same church internship) and it made me think about the idea of soul mates. Two people who are so similar, touching lives closely but never meeting… then BAM love happens. It was so fun to hear about their stories and hear the families and friends giggle and awe about their story.

The reception was….F.U.N. When they came out and did their first dance it was so sweet, and then, they had choreographed a dance to a mash up. It was fun and cool and every eye in the room were watching them and cheering. They had a banda playing ( Ritmo de Sanchez) which added a lot of dancing and fun to their time together. During the later part of the event they had paletas and late night snacks for their guests. People were dancing and eating and looked so happy to cheer on the Bride and Groom.

It was a wonderful day to see Nydia and Phillip tie the knot.

Thank you for letting me be a part of your special day. 🙂

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