Hope & Dallin at the Buttes at Reflections

April 29, 2022

Hope and Dallin were glowing on their wedding day.

They started their official events at the Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Tucson, Arizona. The day was a perfect sunny and breezy day. The flowers around the temple were blooming and showing off for these two.

When I first arrived at the Temple Dallin was there first, waiting on his bride. He was so excited and nervous and filled with emotion. His mom, Stacy, was there to cheer him on, and she said that she was so excited to get the day started. We found the most beautiful place to do a first look. I placed him under these beautiful trees on the east side of the temple. You could feel all the excitement looking at him waiting for him to finally see Hope.

Hope is truly a sweetheart and wears her heart on her sleeve. When I first saw her, I was taken back by how stunning she looked in her dress, it was truly a princess moment seeing her in her dress. Then she had her greatest accessory of all, her smile! I was even more excited to see Dallin’s reaction!

Hope walked over to Dallin with the biggest smile on her face. When these two saw each other you could feel the peace that came over them. They hugged each other and shared all the fun silly moments from that morning.

Hope and Dallin proceeded to go into the Temple to have their first ceremony. When the ceremony was finished their family and friends were waiting outside to greet them. They ran down the aisle created for them and everyone cheered them on. It was so fun to see them interact with everyone afterwards.

The family photos were next in our timeline, and I had so much fun seeing all the wonderful people that played into their lives. Hope’s grandpa was so sweet and caring the whole day and I could easily see where these two got their kindness from.

Hope and Dallin decided to have another ceremony at The Buttes at Reflections. They had a wonderful orchestra playing music as the waited for the ceremony to happen. It was a calm moment, with their guests ready to watch them say “I DO”.

Hope and Dallin walked down the aisle with happiness surrounding them. The shared their own vows that brought out giggle and tears. I loved hearing about their journey in HS and how they were now studying in Utah together. They are filled with so many goals for the future and were so excited to do that together!

Before the ceremony had begun I asked Hope and Dallin to make sure they hold that kiss at the end, so that I could get the perfect picture. Hope asked “how long” and I responded “longer than you probably want to kiss in front of everyone”. They held out that kiss out perfectly… well even a little long for some, but you can tell they were soaking up that moment. Hope’s dad later commented on the moment during his toast saying “Did anyone think that kiss was too long”, he had everyone in the room giggling.

After the ceremony it was time for bridal shots. This is always my favorite part of the day because you get to have a moment alone with the couple, and they get to enjoy this time together. One thing I loved about Hope and Dallin is that they were so easy going. They were filled with so much patience and love for one another it was so great to see. Hope had on the most beautiful lace veil and we used that to get some stunning images. Dallin wore a grey suit that made his eyes stand out. Together they looked so gorgeous.

Then it was time to celebrate with a fun filled reception! Hope and Dallins came into the venue dancing a posing, while the guest clapped along. They had the most wonderful toasts, as family and friends gave their well wishes to the couple they just smiled along. During their cake cutting, Hope and Dallin had the cutest moment playing around with eachother. Dallin got some cake smashed on his face, and he was the biggest sport about it. He just laughed it off and gave his bride the biggest kiss.

Then it was time to dance the night away. Hope and Dallin danced and sang along to some of their favorite songs. When the night was ending they had the largest send off line I have seen. They ran and kissed and sent the night off with a magical sparkler exit.

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